Joaquín Lalanne’s Surrealist Vision at Gallery Zielinsky. If so What? April 2018.

Galeria Zielinsky_Joaquín Lalanne_A great day_2018_oil on linen_81X100

Visitors to If So, What? will be treated to exhibitions from galleries and artists from around the world. Among the international highlights will be Zielinksy Gallery, a contemporary art gallery specializing in Latin American art, with locations in Barcelona and Brazil. The gallery will be presenting a solo exhibition by the young painter Joaquín Lalanne, whose works – inspired by Pop Art, Surrealism, and his own imagination – will resonate with the creative communities in the Bay Area. We were thrilled to catch up with gallery owner and director Ricardo Zielinksy before the fair opens to learn more about his gallery and exhibition for If So, What?.

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