Juan Fielitz. Lula Japan issue 9 “Inside of you”


Lula JAPAN issue 9 “Inside of you”
Further Stories – Juan Fielitz

“Inside of you” Further Story…
Black No.5:Juan Fielitz/Artist

The first association I make with the color black is silence.
If I imagine the inside of a black box I imagine it without sound.
Silence as absence of sound equals darkness as absence of light.

Goethe theorized on the subject by creating the famous musical chromatic scale in “Theory of Colors” (Zur Farbenlehre).

In the history of art there are many who have developed their sensibility from that color: Kasimir Malevitch, Joseph Beuys, Mark Rothko and continuing with the analogy black = silence, the controversial musical piece 4’33 ” by John Cage where the silence is prolonged for four minutes and thirty-three seconds.

Many people associate the color black with death, I associate it with birth, with the uterus, the unknown or all that has not yet been named.
All those associations are far away from the idea of death.

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